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PREDYA is a Blockchain Financial Group incorporated in Luxembourg working on Artificial Intelligence investment models and a pioneer in Security Token Offering (“STO”). The objective of this token is to provide an opportunity for investors to come early and benefit from the merger of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

We Accept :

What is STO? What

A security token is a negotiable, fungible financial instrument that carries monetary value backed by a company. As opposed to speculative utility token, targeted by scam artists , security token are fully compliant and provides the holder’s economical rights attached with them.

Profit Units of a Luxembourg Limited Company

PYA is a Security Token Offering backed by Profit Units of a Luxembourg Limited Company incorporated since 1998.

KYC/AML Checks

For smooth onboarding, Predya ensures automated and online KYC/AML checks.

Predya’s Dividend

PYA provides economic rights on Predya’s dividend. Tokens will not only have an intrinsic  value, but will also represent an economic claim on the company paying off fixed incomes.


Securities issued by the Company in the scope of this Security Token Offering are represented by profit units. Profit units grant exclusive distribution rights on the Company’s dividend, subject to terms & conditions of the Security and the Articles of Association of the Company. Each Predya Profits Unit represents the right to a pro rata share of any distributions made by the Company.

Each Company Profits Unit is intended to be a “profit is interest” within the meaning of Luxembourg Law. By virtue of ownership of a Company Profits Unit, the Investors shall have no right or obligation to make any capital contribution to the Company (except for their initial contribution) at any time and shall have no rights to any capital contributed to the Company. A profit unit holder is a sui generis associate contributor of the Company.

  1. This Securities offer is addressed to no more than 150 natural or legal persons for each member state (if this exemption is valid in your country of residence), not including qualifed investors.
  2. This investment will allow the development of an artificial intelligence specialized in the trading of your crypto-currencies.
  3. Predya will issue a PYA token for each Security subscribed and paid by the end of the Subscription Period, as described in this Whitepaper.
  4. Securities give the right to participate in the performance of Predya. In the Subscription Agreement, every investor is provided with a detailed description of the rights attached to the Securities that are linked with PYAs on a one to one ratio (i.e. one PYA token equals one Security).

The MAJOR Problem Problem

The cryptocurrency market is revolutionizing traditional trading markets. These new markets are changing the way and practices known until now. New problems are therefore raised and Predya develops its model to meet these new needs.

Anticipate volatility spikes

Forecast the value of cryptocurrencies with accuracy

Take emotions out of Trading

Make investment decision 24/7/365


Product based on Artificial Intelligence

In a world in constant evolution, continuously seeking ways to improve our daily life and generate better profitability in the financial markets, the use of Artificial Intelligence becomes a necessity.

Human brains have limits that an AI model can easily surpass when it comes to information processing and storage, non-emotional/systematic decision making, reactivity and processing speed.

Artificial Neural Networks are algorithms and mathematical functions designed to create a similar structure as the biological ones and thus, get as close as possible to the human thinking process in order to make better and faster decisions.

Watch Video What and How it work


Use of Artifcial Intelligence to process large amount of targeted data, fnd correlations and deliver a real time trading order: Buy/Hold/Sell

Use of Machine Learning to learn from patterns and news and anticipate the level of upcoming volatility

Use the Systematic strategy to trade the cryptocurrency market relentlessly without pause

Use of Algorithms for utmost discipline to prevent being clouded by emotions

How Predyct Works ?

Data collection

Our data sources are based on a selection of content to feed in real time the four sectors of PREDYCT: Blockchain Intelligence, Qualitative Data Mining, Quantivative Data Mining and Sentiment mining. Our information comes from: Blockchain, Web news, Data exchanges, Forum and Discussion Group.

Data storage

All data is collected and stored in real time in high-capacity Big Data databases. Data is replicated and backed up in real time in long-life cloud storage infrastructures. Data stability, integrity and security are optimal. PREDYCT's disaster recovery time is therefore reduced to a minimum.

Data processing

For the use and analysis of data we need to perform specific processing, clean up the data format, convert and enrich related data. Integrity and authenticity checks allow PREDYCT to have confidence in the data it uses. Cloud infrastructures are therefore essential for real-time cluster scalability reasons.

Data analysis

Micro-second data analysis allows PREDYCT to detect, probe and find anomalies and pattern correlations thanks to Deep learning that can prevent a flash crash, for example. Most of the analytical work is focused on the strategic risk management optimization model. The aggregation of our different information flows takes into account the veracity and trust of each identified actor. Predyct is based on redundant, robust and scalable real-time cloud infrastructure solutions.

Predyct signal

PREDYCT was developed with the aim of taking buying or selling positions on the crypto-currency market. PREDYCT relies on very specific Cloud solutions per domain in order to maximize the efficiency of its calculations. PREDYCT's dashboard highlights the correlation of data to make the best possible decision. PREDYCT has several inter-country connections to the main cryptocurrency exchange platforms to avoid being impacted in the event of a local exchange problem. Risk management is therefore optimized to the maximum.

Our technology tracks, processes and weighs pieces of information that are classifed under the following categories :

Opinion Mining

Opinion mining refers to the use of text analysis to systematically identify, extract, quantify and study affective states and subjective information.

Blockchains Analysis

Blockchains Analysis refers to the analysis and research of correlations between blockchains and traditional fnancial markets movements.

Qualitative data mining

Qualitative data mining refers to the recognition of graphical indicators to recognize chart patterns and make a sentiment prediction on market timing. Also, pattern recognition helps in confronting other layers of our model to detect bullish or bearish behaviour.

Quantitative data mining

Quantitative data mining refers to the collection and analysis of numerical data and technical indicators, to predict market trends and plan investment strategies accordingly.

Understand the value creation of Predya.

Token Sale Token

Oct 20, 2018
Jan 20, 2019
25% Discount€ 0.75 EUR
Jan 20, 2019
Apr 20, 2019
15% Discount€ 0.85 EUR
Apr 22, 2019
€ 1 EUR
Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Phase 1 end in Jan 20, 2019
  • Token Symbol PYA
  • Token Sale Start Apr 22, 2019
  • Tokens for sale 221,000,000 PYA
  • Acceptable currencies EUR, ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
  • Token Price €1 EUR
  • Protocol ST-20 Token
  • Max circulating supply 260,000,000 PYA
  • Underlying Instrument Profit Shares issued by Predya S.A.
  • Dividends Fifty percent (50%) of net profit as a non-cumulative annual dividend

Tokenised Profit Share Distribution

60% Main Sale
10% Pre Sale Phase 1
15% Pre Sale Phase 2
10% Company, Team
5% Advisors

Use of Proceeds

35% Proprietary Assets
25% Data Mining / Hardware
8% Marketing & Advisor
7% Legal
20% IT Research
5% Management


July 2017
Active Cryptocurrency trading
October 2017
Artificial Intelligence Call
January 2018
Team Building and OTC trading
April 2018
Big Data Processing Architecture
July 2018
PREDYCT AI Modelisation
October 2018
PREDYCT Basic Learning and Backtesting “Alpha”
January 2019
PREDYCT Complex Learning and Backtesting “Beta”
April 2019
PREDYCT BIG DATA Phase “Candidate Release”
July 2019
PREDYCT Live Trading
October 2019
Asset Management License
April 2020
€ 100M Asset Under Management
December 2020
€ 500M Asset Under Management
July 2021
€ 800M Asset Under Management
October 2021
€ 1B Asset Under Management

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Relationship Manager
Vladimir LEVIN
Ph.D Candidate - Data Engineering and Trading Advisory
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