Part 2 : The four main AI core characteristics that will revolutionize crypto trading.

The four main AI core characteristics that will revolutionize crypto trading part 2

Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence = Passive Income Forever? In this article, we will cover this fascinating possibility.

Finally, the advantages of artificial intelligence are not just limited to major corporations. What was considered to be science fiction is now a reality, and when combined it with blockchain technology it’s not surprising that Artificial Intelligence is making leaps and bounds. Though the issue that often comes to mind every time a new technology comes to light is; “is it actually it profitable?” When looking at blockchains infused with AI, this solution is beneficial indeed.

Combining AI and blockchains

You have most likely heard about chess masters losing to machines, or perhaps you are aware of self-driving cars? Each of these instances are only possible due to Artificial Intelligence. We create AI to allow computers to resolve problems on their own, basically giving them the capability to generate code in reaction to new issues they face. When combined with AI, blockchains can be much better understood by humans, making them much more effective.

When it comes to Machine Learning, they require substantial quantities of data to analyze, just like humans. The distinction is the fact that humans evaluate information passively, we work with our 5 senses to take in the environment, and we store in our brains to produce the belief of how things work.

Machines do not have feelings, they require information, and blockchains are able to assist them to get that information faster as well as other things seamlessly (thanks to decentralization/shared control). Some AI systems might learn much better compared to others by sharing IP/testing models on an exchange, providing the possibility for faster development (and benefit developers). Once AI begins learning, it gets much less complicated for us to trace the route it has taken to an answer since the path is saved on an immutable trail. The primary reason for the development of AI in the very first place is to make the people’s life easier. One example is the combination of AI and blockchain technology to provide passive and active income streams.

Artificial intelligence takes the blockchains to the next level. It Innovates the innovation

Blockchain technology gives users the capability to make a trustless program on which they are able to run smart contracts, monitor a ledger, and much more. AI and Machine Learning enable hands-off applications that become more effective over time. But there are many advantages of merging the 2. However, these are the most relevant in regards to the digital economy.

Scalability — AI can perform collaborative learning by not having a centralized dataset.

Security — AI can identify blockchain system intrusion problems.

Privacy — AI is able to improve the functionality of hash functions.

Efficiency — AI could predict the likelihood of any node to fulfill specific mining tasks.

It is clearly visible how much of an effect AI has on blockchains, and businesses that are obtaining a headstart in the market will undoubtedly benefit considerably from that foresight. From improved scalability, security/privacy, and higher efficiency. AI will make the use of blockchains more affordable, safer, and also much easier in general. There is a set of examples where we are able to presently see AI as well as the blockchain working together on particular problems. In the crypto trading area, the benefits are mind-blowing.

Cryptocurrency trading & Artificial Intelligence benefits

Trading cryptocurrencies is risky in the same way in which the stock market may be dangerous; more specifically when trading is done by humans who are profoundly affected by emotions. When markets begin to crash, it sets into

motion a collective sort of panic attack that leads to impulsive selling, that later turns into disappointment when the markets bounce back higher than ever. This is historically the pitfall of the vast majority of human traders. A simple way to stop these emotional errors is to use AI platforms to perform exchange operations. If the human trader removes themselves (and their emotions) from the situation, and alternatively base their trading on techniques generated by Artificial Intelligence, they’re much more likely to succeed.

Neural Networks include a missing link to AI and crypto trading: Unemotional intuition

Neural Networks are trainable algorithms which emulate specific characteristics of the human mind. Providing them with a unique, self-training ability, the capability to formalize unclassified data, and most notably, predictive abilities based on the historical data.

A significant misconception is the fact that most traders think of neural networks as forecasting applications that could provide tips on how to act upon specific situations. Nevertheless, it can be quite accurate at predictions, but since the future is uncertain, there are no guarantees. Regardless, it has a much higher prediction rate than any existing human technical analyst. Neural Networks do not make any forecasts since it is not based on hypothesis and AI is based on pure mathematics. Rather, they examine price data and also uncover opportunities. With a Neural Network, decisions can be made based on carefully analyzed data, which is not always the case when using conventional technical analysis methods. For a serious, contemplative trader, neural networks are a next-generation tool with incredible potential which can detect subtle nonlinear interdependencies and patterns that traditional methods of complex analysis are unable to uncover.

Research indicates that just 9% of active traders generate profits, signifying an eye-boggling 91% fail. It is extraordinarily hard to amass the quantity of data required to succeed, which is precisely why hedge funds, brokers, along with other financial firms switch to Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning. Finally, AI powerful advantages in areas where humans fail are being brought to a greater audience. Regarding Blockchain analysis, AI is the only reasonable solution for many purposes, most importantly due to its restless and nonstop nature. More and more projects, not only exclusive to finance, are merging to blockchain technology and AI has shown to be indispensable for the future of such initiatives.