Predya develops a comprehensive artificial intelligence system adapted to trade institutional money on the digital assets market.

This diagram highlights the 4 main stages of the A.I. pipeline which allow it to produce a reliable and coherent sentiment.

All-Inclusive Data Clustering
Our systems collect and store extensive amounts of data in real-time. Social media and news give us a sentiment on what society feels. Financial data tells us how society translates its emotions into demand and supply forces and how it is reflected in the market. Finally, blockchain analysis gives us an unprecedented insight into the fundamental value of digital assets.
Unique Alpha from Pertinent Data
From digital asset exchanges, to news aggregators, exclusive forums and blockchain explorers, we amass an incalculable value from targeted data that gives the edge institutions and HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) need for high-volume trading.
Real-time A.I. Analysis
The core algorithms work around the clock to clean, process and analyze all the information we source. By sensing sentiments, analysing known chart patterns, uncovering price action correlations, detecting blockchain anomalies and more, they extract unique patterns to anticipate market volatility and directional movements.
Mimicking Human Brains
By emulating neural connections present in our brains, deep learning uses mathematical functions to extract patterns. Like a human would, only emotionlessly, faster, and more efficiently.
Perceptive Risk Management
Real-world trading strategies necessitate active risk management for consistent success. Markets aren’t absolute providers, so simply issuing trading signals is not going to work. A traders needs to understand what the other market participants are doing, be able to anticipate sudden volatility spikes and more, with the right timing.
Order Book Literature
Institutional money is not traded like retail money. We therefore have a continuous understanding of information such as what the printing of order books, how volatility evolves through time, or whether network connectivity will warrant our trades.
Actionable Insights
To beat the market, you must take action. Comprehensive and precise instructions guide our teams of traders for utmost supervision of the algorithms and best-informed decisions at the right time.
Don’t Miss Your Exit!
Initiation good positions has been proven to be simple to most. Only powerful algorithms can tell you when the party is over.