Investment management professional with over 10 yrs. experience, David has worked with highly respected institutions and private groups in USA, Asia and Europe.

An alternative investment specialist, with strong risk management skills, he became personally involved in Blockchain in 2016 and has increased awareness significantly since then, advising early ICOs and introducing early investors to the potential of trading digital assets.

Chief Technical Officer

IT security engineer, blockchain evangelist and passionate about finance, Remi is a serial fintech entrepreneur working with Bitcoin and blockchain industry since early 2015.

Active in business development for Predya, Remi leads a team of professionals enforcing security, compliance and developing innovatory A.I. trading strategies on the digital assets market.

CSO / Compliance Officer

IT infrastructure engineer, growth hacker & blockchain expert, Remi is actively involved in the development of the IT backbone of Predya.

Rémi also supervises the compliance department with KYT/AML procedures and insures global security and smooth digital asset OTC transactions.

Kristel KUEHNE
Relationship Manager

Kristel has over nine years of international experience in leading hotels of the world and has been responsible of VIP clients all over Asia.

With very strong cross cultural and interpersonal skills, Kristel is part of the relationship management and business development for Predya and also acts as a spokeswoman.

Head of Machine Learning

With a background in Physics and Computer Science, Eduardo specializes in the development and integration of machine learning models.

From feature selection, to deep neural network models creation and optimization, he is in charge of extracting valuable insights from the data.

Aurelien KELEKO
Data Scientist

Passionate about machine learning, big data and statistics, Aurelien is key to Predya’s data science team. He has accumulated years of experience in manufacturing and supply chains, applying time series analysis and machine learning models to improve manufacturing processes at industrial scales.

His unique ability to mould techniques to all kinds of financial problems has brought incredible value to the A.I. system.

Data Engineer

Raoul   is   expert   in   Business   Intelligence   and   Big   Data.   He is responsible for Data Administration, flow management as well as modeling and development of A.I. system.

In charge of banking applications development since 2010 as IT Officer at a large Bank, Raoul has gained extensive experience in modeling, software development and database administration.

Matthieu SAVIOUX
Full-Stack Developer

Matthieu is a full-stack developer, his knowledge of many languages and his experience allows him to perform tasks at any technical level of the stack of different development layers that constitute our artificial intelligence. He has experience in building neural networks from scratch.