Introducing PREDYA! Where Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Trading, and Asset Management come together.

Introducing PREDYA! Where Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Trading, and Asset Management come together.

PREDYA’s state of the art artificial intelligence technology is capable of predicting cryptocurrency market movements with incredible accuracy, safeguarding investments and pointing them to profit returns.

PREDYA is a blockchain financial group incorporated in Luxembourg, specialized in Artificial Intelligence investment modeling. PREDYA’s proprietary model “PREDYCT” has been engineered by top-notch data scientists and traders and can predict market movement in processing Big Data thanks to Artificial Machine learning. It is designed to repeatedly learn from economic patterns to accurately predict crypto assets fair value. It anticipates volatility and directional trends on specific timeframes. Our mission is to make well informed and systematic investment decisions without being clouded by emotions.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the finance sector, streamlining it and completely revolutionizing the industry. Institutions that populate the financial technology industry have already started using AI for time-saving, cost reduction, and for adding value to their services.

The future of finance has been and will be much more influenced by emerging fintech companies, and AI technology applications are setting the stage for the highly competitive field within the giants of the finance industry. In the next decade, Artificial Intelligence will assist financial companies to increase resources, diminish risks, and create more revenue, in trading, investment banking, lending, and fintech initiatives.

Although PREDYA’s AI technology can be implemented in all financial markets, we have chosen to operate solely trading cryptocurrencies. Due to its decentralized nature and novelty. Volatility in the crypto markets gives an edge to our system and in return more opportunity for profits facilitated by the highest level of risk control standards and practices. In addition, we honestly believe that the up and coming digital asset economy will disrupt the private equity sector, and may eventually replace the traditional stock markets in the future. PREDYA is already in the technological forefront of this financial revolution.

Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency trading

Since digital asset markets are still in its infancy, it provides possibilities non-existent in the traditional financial markets, which already have solidified mechanisms that make the implementation of innovation cumbersome. The cryptocurrency markets pave the perfect ground for trading based on AI. The application and benefits of AI-based systems are countless and beyond the imagination. Instead of making trades based on conventional strategies and emotions, trading decisions are based purely on the quick processing of Big Data. The speed of data processing, storage capacity, and correlations findings make Artificial Intelligence more efficient than the human brain.

Regardless of the increase in popularity, cryptocurrency investment doesn’t come without significant challenges both operational and technical. Most people involved with cryptocurrencies have a vague comprehension of how they function as an investment alternative. The ever-increasing amount of coins and their value volatility create disorientation with investors, that more often than not fail in their investment objectives.

When it comes returns generation, investment funds, and financial institutions are known to use the newest technologies to gain an edge with competitors in an attempt to outperform them. The greatest challenge encountered by these institutions has been the enormous amounts of data, something that AI and ML have the ability to address. Quantitative and Qualitative edge, as well as, sentiment mining and blockchain analysis are what PREDYA’s AI technology focuses incredible accuracy and consistency. However, what makes our technology remarkable and unique is its ability to provide astonishing investment Risk Management, unparalleled Performance since PREDYCT works non-stop, and finally, our strategy provides a highly competitive level of Liquidity.

Crypto Asset Management

Cryptocurrency trading mass adoption will only be possible if new market players are able to easily participate. Unlike the traditional financial markets, the crypto markets never stop. It is active non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It knows no night or day, weekends or holidays. In order to be fully present and participant, the crypto investor needs the help of professionals, and better yet, a technology that matches the crypto market non-stop nature such as AI. PREDYA delivers both, providing a welcoming sense of assurance and peace of mind thanks to its AI emotionless and unstoppable investment decision solution, and the highly qualified professionals running it.