What does Predya do?

We specialize in research, development and implementation of deep learning systems to trade digital assets.

What sets you apart from other assets managers?

Given the high volatility of digital asset markets, we harness the peaks and throughs to maximize profit but engage in strong risk control procedures to minimize drawdowns and volatility.

Any more technical details?

We follow scientific methodologies to avoid false discoveries, favouring economically and statistically sound strategies more than overfit hyper-optimized ones. We look at all kinds of data, from blockchain analysis to news sentiment, order book analysis and price action.

I am an accredited investor, can you trade my money?

Predya trades proprietary assets and selected institutional money. To profit with Predya as an accredited investor, you can invest in our security token “PYA” offered under our Reg D private placement and be rewarded with profit units and capital appreciation. 

What does my investment get me?

Our security token (ST-20 protocol, auditable here). This rewards you with capital appreciation and profit units.

When will the security be listed?

We cannot guarantee a listing timeframe. We want to maintain the high standards we operate by. The security will be listed once we deem that a legitimate security token exchange (eg. with a clearing house) starts operating.

Is this offering regulated?

We are issuing our security under the SEC’s Regulation D Rule 506(c) exemption.

What are the offering’s requirements?

Only accredited investors (as defined by the SEC here) can invest in the security offering and receive profit units. The minimum investment amount is $5,000.

How do I invest in Predya?

As an accredited investor, you can sign up on our proprietary dashboard https://my.predya.io, and pass our KYC verification to confirm your eligibility. You can then invest by bank transfer, credit card, or digital assets.

Where is Predya based?

  • Our HQ is in Luxembourg, a prime center for financial services. Following some of the strictest regulations in the world, we benefit from both the stability and reputation of this exclusive environment.
  • Predya IP, LLC is our US subsidiary dedicated to develop IP to trade the digital assets market, and is based in Wyoming. Thanks to innovative and forward thinking bills, Wyoming is leading the charge to promote digital assets throughout the world.

Who works at Predya?

Predya is composed of highly technical engineers and data scientists. From a business development expert with international hedge fund experience, to infrastructure engineers and data scientists, our team is highly specialized in every facet of a machine learning trading system.